Mask of the Tiger's BiteMask of the Tiger's Bite

Mask of the Tiger's Bite

Mask of the Tiger's Bite

Weapon Ascension Material

Weapon Ascension Material.

"Sumirezome Sangetsu Kogetsukan" depicts the fierce oni Torachiyo shattering the Shogun's naginata with a single bite, thus gaining the upper hand for a time. As such, masks that are based on him have finely crafted fangs.

In the denouement of this tale, the wounded oni fled into the forest, deathly afraid of showing himself even to the cold moonlight. The wind that whispers through the alleys and valleys can be said to resemble his quiet cries of agony, and so there is a poetic seasonal expression for this in Inazuma: "Torachiyo's Wind."


Domain of Forgery: Sand Burial (Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday)

Used by weapon ascensions: