Chiori Guide

Tamoto and Kinu Mechanics

While her Elemental Skill summons 1 Tamoto, a second can be summoned if there is a Geo Construct near the first Tamoto doll when Chiori uses her skill, or if a construct is created nearby while it exists.

  • Note that the distance from the construct to summon another is based on proximity to the existing Tamoto and not Chiori herself.
  • The duration of each Tamoto is independent and only one each from her Elemental Skill and additional one from construct can exist at one time - Her C1 Tamoto shares a limit with the additionally summoned one.

Tamoto will do Geo DMG in a small AoE to a nearby enemy at regular intervals and can grant between 1-2 Geo particles each time the first summoned Tamoto attacks.

Tamoto can be pushed around, and moved by certain abilities, but are not Geo constructs and can not be destroyed.

After unlocking her 2nd or 4th Constellations, Chiori will now also be able to summon Kinu constructs - these act identically to Tamoto dolls but do higher damage. They can not be moved, and will disappear after attacking once, or after being on the field for 3 seconds.

  • For an example for the distance to Tamoto to spawn the second one you can refer to this video - while Tamoto does not appear to be pushed in co-op for other players viewing it, the second Tamoto is not spawned when Chiori herself runs to the construct in the first clip.
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