Chiori Guide


While Chiori is already a strong character at C0, her Constellations are all quite useful if further investment into her is desired.

  • C1 - A very nice Quality of Life Constellation allowing Chiori to get full benefits of her Talents as long as there is another Geo character in the party removing the need for a construct. This notably increases her synergy with characters such as Navia and Noelle!
  • C2 - Chiori will now summon Kinu constructs after using her Elemental Burst, these constructs will spawn next to Chiori every 3 seconds, and a total of 3 will be summoned each use. This Constellation provides a very significant damage boost, but makes building Energy Recharge more appreciated on her as well.
  • C3 - Offers a significant damage increase, as the majority of her damage is from her Elemental Skill, this also increases the damage of the Kinu constructs.
  • C4 - Provides up to 3 more Kinu dolls when character Normal, Charged or Plunging attacks hit enemies after triggering either follow-effect of her Elemental Skills, provides the same overall damage as her 2nd Constellation.
  • C5 - Increased Elemental Burst levels increase her burst potential, but this Constellation is relatively minor otherwise.
  • C6 - Makes Chiori a very effective on-field damage dealer, both reducing the cooldown of her Elemental Skill, allowing her to permanently benefit from the Geo infusion from Tailoring as well as increasing her Normal Attack damage by a large portion of her defense. This bonus applies to all her Normal Attack damage, regardless of infusion, but does not apply to her Charged Attack or Plunging Attack damage.
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