Canticles of Harmony

The Faded Castle

Upon entering the Faded Castle keep progressing deeper into the ruins following the quest navigation.

  • Once you reach the first intersection (Marked 1) you will obtain the Ancient Autoharmonic Music Box as well as obtain score number 1: Locus Amoenus.
  • You can access the Legatus Golem world boss after this step! Take the stairs down and to the south at the intersection instead to reach it as seen here.

Follow Osse into the room marked 2 and solve the puzzle

  • Hold the Music/Symphony button down to move the markers on each device, move the markers so they light up the same symbol as on the wall behind each device to solve.

Head to the stage marked 3, insert the Blank Score and defeat the enemies to activate the portal, then enter the Sea of Bygone Eras.

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