Canticles of Harmony

Initium Iani and Scylla

After entering the Sea of Bygone Eras the first half of the map will be lit up after taking the water current and approaching Scylla.

Now, the aim is to free Scylla. To do this, follow the 3 links that form the prison to a puzzle each to solve them. After solving each puzzle hold down the Music/Symphony button near the red spire that connects the seal to release the seal.

  • 1 - Enter the cave at 1 and talk to the Praetorian Golems nearby and start negotiating with them. The correct answers to avoid fighting them are: The Sebastos does not permit the harm of innocent people., Yet you are not receiving the melody. and Phobos's silence signifies rejection.
  • 2 - Defeat the Praetorian Golems inside the cave.
  • 3 - Solve the puzzle by pausing the Washer Octopi by tapping the Music/Symphony button near them so they activate all the Resonant Anemones.

If you pause a Washer Octopus at an incorrect spot, you can make it start moving again by holding the Music/Symphony button near it.

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