Arlecchino Guide


Arlecchino’s boss material needed is Fragment of a Golden Melody obtained from the Statue of Marble and Brass Boss challenge in Petrichor.

As Arlecchino is a Pyro character, she requires Agnidus Agate gems to be ascended.

Rainbow Roses are the Fontaine local specialty required to ascend her.

The common enemy drop she requires is Fatui Insignias, which can primarily be found by defeating Fatui Skirmishers.

Arlecchino requires Talent books of Order which can be obtained from the Fontaine Talent Book domain on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

For leveling up her Talents past level 6, Arlecchino requires the Weekly Boss material; Fading Candle which can be obtained from the Scattered Ruins Trounce domain which is unlocked after completing the Ignis Purgatorius Chapter: Act I - When the Hearth-Flame Goes Out Story quest.

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