Arlecchino Guide

Exploration Utility

Possessing a unique travel ability, Arlecchino does bring a flexible exploration ability to the table. Her quick-travel when holding down the Charged Attack button can be used to both quickly cross between groups of enemies, as well as travel over smaller bodies of water!

A demonstration of the travel distance can be seen here.

Her Charged Attack can also be chained over bodies of water without entering her unique travel ability - it will even travel a similar distance! However, this is rarely practical as you can easily fall into the water, but it looks quite fancy when performed!

A demonstration can be seen here.

As her Bond of Life does not fall off based on a duration she can also act as an excellent overworld DPS, not being tied to any particular damage windows or ramp up if you end battles with Bond of Life still on Arlecchino.

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