Lion's RoarLion's Roar

Lion's Roar

Lion's Roar


A sharp blade with extravagant carvings that somehow does not compromise on durability and sharpness. It roars like a lion as it cuts through the air.

Ascension materials:
Divine Body from GuyunInspector's Sacrificial KnifeGolden Raven Insignia


Asc.Lv.Base ATKATK%
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Bane of Fire and Thunder R1

Increases DMG against opponents affected by Pyro or Electro by 20%.

Bane of Fire and Thunder R2

Increases DMG against opponents affected by Pyro or Electro by 36%.

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Rumored to be a legendary sword of Liyue.

It was said its sheath was made with eaglewood, decorated with mica, and engraved with the imagery of war.

This priceless sheath, however, was lost.

To the blade, the sheath was its prison, keeping it from its true purpose.

The blade is so sharp that its victims would only realize they had been struck an hour later.

It is said that Kunwu forged this prized sharp sword in just one day, though he worked all day and all night to do so.

But when Kunwu's aged master saw his apprentice's work, he clenched his fists, sighed in anguish, and beat the ground with his staff.

"O, pitiful is this thing most merciless in all the world."

The master let out a final, long sigh, and hobbled away.

Kunwu pondered his master's words for three days, and did not touch a single blade in that time.

Then, he spent a whole year painstakingly carving an eaglewood sheath.

Kunwu thought that an elegant and opulent scabbard would surely suffice to subdue the wildness and violence of the blade.

But then the prized sword was lost among the common folk. The sharp blade survived, but all that remained of the scabbard was its story.

For the sharp blade seeks only to bathe in the blood of its victims, and no sheath can be made that will curb this desire.