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Local Specialty (Sumeru)

A tenacious beetle that finds repose within the vast ocean of desert sand. The golden pattern on such beetles' shells hints at some deep relationship between them and the ancient ruins that dot the desert.



Found in the desert ruins of Sumeru

Used by character ascensions:


A hardy beetle that dwells in the vast desert. Its shell has patterns on it that resemble those that dot the ancient desert ruins, hinting at some deeper relation between the two.

Legend has it that when the desert king ruled this land, the souls of those vanquished by him would be sealed within these insects by the magically-skilled priests at great triumphs held in the City of the Pillars. The scarabs would then be charged with defending the sacred temples and palaces for all eternity in the name of Al-Ahmar. In the end, the temples would collapse and the palaces would fall, and only these golden insects would remain, fulfilling their ancient, forgotten oaths.