Sango PearlSango Pearl

Sango Pearl

Sango Pearl

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Local Specialty (Inazuma)

A precious pearl that grows in the coral of Watatsumi. Gives off a cool sheen like that of the moonlight.



Found in the wild
Recommendation: Found on Watatsumi Island

Used by character ascensions:


These pearls only grow alongside the coral of Watatsumi, and they will emit a cooling sensation in your palm as gentle as a moonbeam.

Some local stories say that if held by a person in whose veins runs the blood of Watatsumi, these pearls will become brighter still, for these pearls are the blood that Watatsumi Omikami shed for its people. Other legends say that the great Omikami used a pearl as bright as the moon to shine upon Enkanomiya, leading the people who dwelt there up to the surface. As such, the Sango Pearls are akin to sacred relics to some.

The "pearls and waves" of the Sangonomiya emblem are said to come from these very waves that embraced Watatsumi and the bright gem that gave it light.