Mourning FlowerMourning Flower

Mourning Flower

Mourning Flower

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Local Specialty (Sumeru)

Crimson flowers that bloom on ancient battlefields. They can even flourish in the depths of the desert. Their drooping flowers seem to be in mourning for heroes long past.



Found in the deserts of Sumeru
Recommendation: Found in the Asipattravana Swamp

Used by character ascensions:


Crimson flowers that can bloom even on ancient battlefields or flourish in the depths of the desert. Its drooping flowers seem to mourn for heroes long past.

Once, when beings dark and demonic invaded the lands, countless heroes sacrificed themselves in a battle against them. Legend has it that these flowers are watered by the blood of those martyrs. The tribes of these plains speak additionally of the countless innocents who suffered from that calamity, of how due to being stained by the filth from the war, they are barred from eternal samsara, and can only languish amidst these flowers, lamenting the injustice of fate by weeping.