Harra FruitHarra Fruit

Harra Fruit

Harra Fruit

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Cooking Ingredient

Growing in the hot humid rainforest, it is a fruit with a special spicy aroma. When ground to powder, spices can be made from it. It is the most valued spice plant in Sumeru.


Found in the wild


A fruit with a unique spicy flavor that grows in the hot and damp rainforest. It can be ground down into spice powder, which makes it Sumeru's most important spice plant.

In the legends of other countries, the Harra Fruit grows on inaccessible cliff faces and is defended by flying snakes and giant birds. Only valiant warriors with Jinn by their side can access these fruits via secret methods and using the protection of Lord Rukkhadevata. However, anyone who has been to Sumeru will know that these stories are just tall tales told by local merchants to raise the prices of their spices.