Essence of Pure Sacred DewdropEssence of Pure Sacred Dewdrop

Essence of Pure Sacred Dewdrop

Essence of Pure Sacred Dewdrop

Weapon Ascension Material

Weapon Ascension Material.

A dense and pure solution, derived and refined from drops of the vast primordial sea. The ancient God King once believed it would bring eternal life and infinite wisdom, but listening carefully— it was quietly, faintly prophesizing the final end of all dissolving into one.

This was once the God King's unfinished Grand Symphony — a boundless, sourceless golden Ichor replacing the wild primeval waters, and the glorious immortal sages bringing nectar-like enlightenment to the ignorant corners of the world.

But the God King's delusions ultimately sank into the depths of the black abyss, and with the ravages of time, the golden Ichor was eventually corroded by the primordial soup...

The tuner turned a blind eye to the evil omens, and supporting his broken body, continued to give life to his compatriots according to the plans once laid, so that the old order might one day return...

Even today, many mad poets and painters of Fontaine see the apocalypse experienced by Boethius, a reminder of the inescapable cycle of the world.


Domain of Forgery: Artisanship (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday)

Used by weapon ascensions: