Echo of an Ancient ChordEcho of an Ancient Chord

Echo of an Ancient Chord

Echo of an Ancient Chord

Weapon Ascension Material

Weapon Ascension Material.

The God King's Grand Symphony is composed of countless melodies linked together, but its main thesis is submerged under the common destiny of the Water Nation.

The harmonies of those carefree years and sonatas were once the greatest representation of civilization and order, but when the prosperous empire descended into a playground for tyrants, the brutal despots tore the connection with the source asunder under the cover of golden cloaks, and discord finally swarmed through the empire—

The original song of fate continued to ring out on a score of fading gold, unperturbed by all... until all was dissolved, and all returned to chaos.


Domain of Forgery: Robotic Ruse (Monday/Thursday/Sunday)

Used by weapon ascensions: