Canticles of Harmony

Domus Aurea and the Aqueducts

Follow the quest marker and enter the Domus Aurea after entering you will be challenged by a few praetorian golems, there is no need to defeat them, as surviving for a little while will see the next cutscene begin.

After you progress the quest to rebuild the Golden Aqueducts you will receive 2 additional quests in your quest log:

  • Golden Aqueduct Reconstruction: Part I and Golden Aqueduct Reconstruction: Part II
  • You can navigate these quests to see where you need to go to restore them. Scylla will be located near them so you can use him to quickly travel to them.

To repair each aqueduct you must move the flying birds (the ones you must move are marked in the image below) by touching them until they go to their marked spots on the mural.

  • During Part II the flying anemo slimes must be popped to free one of the trapped birds, and the Pink Hat Jellyfish in the area can be used to reach the two suspended birds!

In addition you also need to align the projectors so their perspective has the horn overlapping the horn on the mural!

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