Arlecchino Guide

Elemental Burst Mechanics

Arlecchino’s Elemental Burst is a large frontal AoE nuke that first absorbs all nearby Blood-Debt Directives and Dues, then heals herself and resets her Elemental Skill's cooldown.

This is Arlecchino’s only way to heal herself in combat, so it is usually recommended to only Burst when healing is required unless sufficient Energy Recharge is built to use it every rotation.

As it heals for 150% of her current Bond of Life + 150% of her Attack, the healing Arlecchino receives will be equal to 50% of her Bond of Life + 150% of her attack. This is because 100% of the Bond healing is consumed to clear her remaining Bond of Life.

An example would be 50% HP Bond of Life (15000 HP, 7500 Bond value) and 2000 attack, this will cause Arlecchino to heal for a total amount of 7500*50%+2000*150%=6750 health.

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